Hello, welcome to UPI, thank you for your interest in us. We began investigating the paranormal in 2005 as means to find evidence to support an experience. After finding more than what we ever thought possible we decided to get more serious and begin our organization, UPI, Untitled Paranormal Investigators.

UPI, Untitled Paranormal Investigators, we came up this name in 2007, Co-Founder Kristina Niles and I Founder Derek VonHatten were trying to find a name for our group. We came up with many ideas, all taken, then Kristina thought Untitled! That is where it came from, we like the name Untitled because it doesn't tie us down to one area, or subject to investigate. We investigate everywhere, and all types of Paranormal activity!

We started out an organization aimed toward investigating for the purpose of helping others find out what is going on in their home or on their property. Now UPI is investigating to simply put the evidence out there for others to see, we believe in allowing the public to view the evidence we have captured for them selves and make their own observations. We changed from the more aggressive style of pushing our evidence out there to what we are now due to the amount of time it took to work with all the entities that were interested in having UPI for their time. 

UPI is here now to show the world Paranormal evidence by way of strict curiosity of the mind. If someone finds us, and wants to see what we have we welcome them to view and listen away, hear our theories and learn from what have to give. We hope to be a help to anyone who needed some proof that they are not crazy, or to the person that wanted to learn some about the paranormal or haunted places.

We have been in the Salt Lake City independent newspaper City Weekly, as well as Fox 13 news showing the public what we are. UPI is on the radio from time to time and holds the occasional presentation as well. 

So please on behalf of me, the Founder, Derek VonHatten and the UPI Team enjoy our sight.

Thank you!

About UPI