We investigated the Helper City Library in 2007, this was our first investigation as a professional group. We talked to the Director, then Amanda Holley, and she told us of odd sounds and opening doors. We were very excited to investigate this location, we had no idea that we were to capture so many EVP's and even video evidence! 

The Library consisted of a small room for the library itself, a large conference room, a gym upstairs and a small furnace room in the basement. The whole place smelt of an old 20th century building, we felt as if we were being watched the entire time. Though nothing happened directly to any of us investigators, we went over the evidence to capture all this we have to show you.

One quick addition to the story, a bit funny, we had to cut this investigation short due to the police knocking at the window of a back door! We gave them the directors number and all was fine, we decided to stop then due to we had been there the better part of six hours!

  • Something moved..0:05

To see our Video of this location please view our Best Paranormal Evidence link on the home page!

  • Creek in the Gym0:03

  • Whispers0:06

  • Foot Steps in TV Room0:10

  • Whispering Voice0:03

  • Odd Whisper0:02