• Odd Breathing 0:05
  • Childs Voice0:04
  • Dont0:02
  • Woman, "He Raped", Man Says "Oh Baby"0:07
  • Another Whispering Voice0:03
  • Strange Repeating voice0:07
  • Help0:02
  • Question and Possible Answer0:06
  • Older Man Help Me0:03
  • Voice saying Hello0:02
  • Whispering Voice in the Background0:06
  • Voice saying Look Out0:03

The Lighthouse School

This investigation was that of a private home in Price City Utah. The home was at one time a school for a delinquent children known as the Lighthouse School. We don't know much as far as history goes, but we captured many interesting EVP's at this location. Many of these EVP's hint toward a dark history in this home.‚Äč