• Strange Noise Heard By Ron0:12

  • Small Childlike Voice0:04

  • Horse Like Sound0:02

  • Child Talking 0:08

  • Echoed Voice0:05

Welcome to Mercur Cemetery. This cemetery is the only remains of the once bustling city of Mercur. Officially this area was mined and settled in 1870, then failed and boomed again. Never to become anything great, then came the cyanide process for the ore that proved to be too difficult to work before. In 1891 this town went from the former name of Lewiston to Mercur, named after the claim made by a Bavarian miner named Arie Pinedo that kept bringing the miners back to this site. The town flourisher, even almost becoming the Tooele County seat and home to 8,000, to 12,000 residents. Then in 1902 the town burnt to the ground taking everything but the mill. The town was rebuilt and continued, then in 1913 the mines ran out and the mill shut down. Most moved away and the town was dismantled, nothing now remains but this Cemetery. There are a few residents that stay at the cemetery, non of the living sort, but the spiritual. One small child is particularly adamant, we capture her voice almost every time we visit. Listen to these EVP's below and hear for yourself and make your own judgments.    

  • Deep Voice0:08

  • Foot Steps Sounds Which Ron Notices 0:09

  • Strange Sound Heard By Ron And Kristina0:24

  • Another Child Talking 0:03